Sunday, July 26, 2009

Deseret News Marathon

Tiffany Gallup, Dan Warren, and I had to be at the marathon shuttle bus at 3:15 am. The marathon started at 5:30 am to beat the heat, which is the earlier the better. We had a great start and pace for the first 17 miles or so. I'm guessing it was about a 8:15 min./mile. There was a 2 mile hill about mile 7.

About mile 18 Tiffany left me so she could finish strong. I started walking/running but mostly walking for the last 8 miles. I ran the downhills and some flat but that was about it. I met a lot of people along the way, Becky, Jim and a few others. It was a very chatty marathon.

My time was 4:15:30, which adds up to an average of about 9:50 min./miles. I flopped at the end, as has been happening the last few marathons I've done. I am going to start out with about a 10 min./mile so I can most likely finish strong, which is the greatest feeling. I didn't beat myself up over this one like I usually do when I can't finish strong. I enjoyed the race. It was overcast and didn't get hot which was amazing considering the weather lately--100 degree days.

Gordon fought parade and marathon crowds to see us at the end which I was grateful for. The best news of all is that Tiffany qualified for Boston. It has meant so much to her. Way to go Tiffany. I wish I could have finished as strong as you did, my friend. Her time was 3:45:27.

I can't walk very well because I'm pretty sore (about a 7 on a scale of 1-10). I got some bad rubbing from the duct tape I put on my ankles to prevent r
ubbing of existing blisters on my heals. I won't use duct tape again. Ouch! Marathon #19 is complete and it feels good to have a rest before Park City in August.

Gordon and I have the Bair Gutsman next week which is 11 mil
es, half up a killer mountain in Fruit Heights. There are no water stations along the way so you bring a camel back. The website warns you to bring a snake bite kit and to know where you're going (not follow anyone) because you can easily get lost. Great. Gordon downloaded the route to his GPS but I'm not certain there is coverage the whole way. You have to finish in less then 6 hours or you don't get the t-shirt. You're on your own. It's our first time doing this race, but it should be fun.

Thanks for reading. Post a comment so I know this actually worked as my first official blog post.